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LAST CHANCE EVENT: Just days left to book a Communion session and receive save 50% off!


The First Holy Communion is a once in a lifetime event for your child- don’t settle for a portrait from a once-in-a-while-photographer. At Scott Sylvia Photography, we specialize in exquisite Communion portraits that will be cherished for generations to come.

Even if you don’t have the perfect outfit yet, you will want to pre-book your session now to enjoy 50% off the session fee…that’s just $49.00 for our full length session! Session must be booked by Tuesday, April 5th at 4PM to save. Don’t delay: enter your email below or call us at 401.245.5713 to save your spot!


I grew up seeing Scott’s beautiful photos, and I knew I wanted to go with him. I loved our shoot in downdown Bristol. The portraits are so professional and clear – they came out just beautiful!

Nikola Francis

Nikola Francis

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